Taste & Operation Package – UX 1500 PRO – DRY AGER USA LP

Taste & Operation Package – UX 1500 PRO


Order Package now and save money compared to standalone purchase.

The bundle is the perfect complement to your DRYAGER UX 1500 PRO and allows you to do even more professional Dry Aging.


Taste & Operation Package for UX 1500 PRO including:

  • 1 x SALTAIR Salt Block Set
  • 1 x XL Meat Label Package (contains 40 labels)
  • 1 x DRYAGER Special Cleaner Package (contains 2 Cleaners)

The Taste & Operation Package perfectly complements your basic equipment from the DRYAGER UX 1500 PRO Essential Bundle.

The Package comes with 1 x SALTAIR Salt Block Set, 2 x Meat Label Package and 1 x DRYAGER Special Cleaner Package (2 Cleaners).

The SALTAIR Salt Blocks fit perfectly into the SALTAIR Salt Tray and give your DRYAGER a great salt look. The salt also helps to regulate the humidity and influences the taste of the matured products. Released salt molecules diffuse with the meat and give a touch of salt.

With the DRYAGER Special Cleaner supplied, the appliance can be cleaned optimally and gently, because hygiene is essential. We recommend cleaning before and after each Dry Aging cycle.
The Meat Labels allow you to label your pieces of meat perfectly and visually appealing. The labels can be inserted directly into the meat using the included skewers. This way you will never lose the overview again. Just write the name of the meat and the start date on the label. Of course, sales prices or other things can also be written on it with the help of a permanent marker.