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Charcuterie Shelf – UX 1500 PRO



The right Shelf for sausage, salami and ham. Ideal for products that are hung on loops or pairs of sausage. Ingenious 2-in-1 grid shape.

The Charcuterie Shelf allows efficient and easy hanging of sausages, ham and other food products that should be hung on loops. Furthermore, pairs of sausages can be hung perfectly.
Sophisticated spacing of the “attachment lugs” ensures that even when fully loaded with many sausages or other food products, air can still circulate sufficiently, thus ensuring an ideal microclimate in the DRYAGER.

With its ingenious 2-in-1 grid shape, this is the ideal way to hang up strings of sausage as well as pairs of sausages. Depending on requirements, this slide-in shelf can be inserted in two ways, guaranteeing optimum storage conditions for your sausages, salamis and hams.

A) ‘Attachment lugs’ pointing upwards: strings of sausage or sausage yarn can simply be hung over each lug.

B) ‘Attachment lugs’ pointing downward: this is an effortless way to attach pairs of sausage in the ‘notch’.
This Charcuterie Shelf only occupies half of the depth of the DRYAGER UX 1000 and this assures flexible placement within the dry aging fridge. Two Charcuterie Shelves can be
positioned on each level.

The Shelf can be inserted at any possible position in the DRYAGER and can be loaded up to 55 lb per grate.

Two Charcuterie Shelves can be inserted behind one another on each level in the DRYAGER UX 1500 PRO.

PROP 65 WARNING FOR CALIFORNIA RESIDENTS: This product contains chemicals including chromium which is known to the State of California to cause cancer, birth defects, or other reproductive harm. For more information go to