Butcher Knife Set – DRY AGER USA LP

Butcher Knife Set

Olive Wood Knife Set (3 pieces) - Perfect for your Dry Aged Beef: Handmade quality knives and carving fork. Set of 2 knives + fork with riveted olive wood handles.

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Professional tool for processing Dry Aged Beef:
3-piece high quality butchering knife-set consisting of:

1 x boning knife slightly flexible – 5,1 in
1 x boning knife slightly flexible – 5,9 in
1 x Steak knife rigid – 6,3 in

For us the best knives for general meat processing, naturally Made in Germany. Developed by and for professionals, with ergonomic handles for fatigue-free and safe operation. Handles made from an antibacterial soft and slip-proof plastic material.

The antibacterial handle reliably prevents the risk of cross-contamination. The transition from handle to blade is angled, which makes re-sharpening of the blade very easy.