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1.1 Participation in this raffle is only possible under these terms and conditions. By participating in a raffle, the participant acknowledges these terms and conditions.

1.2 Employees of DRY AGER USA LP, as well as their relatives and persons under 18 years of age are excluded from participation. Legal recourse is excluded. Cash payment of prices is not possible. The prices are not transferable.

1.3 Participation in this competition is only possible once per household with address within the US mainland. Multiple entries (manual or automated) are excluded from the draw.

1.4 DRY AGER USA LP has the right to disqualify participants without stating reasons or to exclude them from future participation in competitions. This particularly applies if they violate these terms and conditions or disrupt and/or manipulate the course of the competition in any way, especially technical processes, or attempt to do so and/or try to influence the draw in an unfair manner.


2.1 The deadline for participation in the raffle, the respective price, the type of price determination, and information on specific actions required for participation will be announced on the competition page.

2.2 Participation is free and not dependent on the use of services from DRY AGER USA LP. This does not increase the chances of winning.

2.3 Participation is possible until the deadline. The winner will be determined within the 5 working days after the deadline.

Execution and Notification, Consent to Publication

3.1 The winner is randomly selected.

3.2 The price is raffled among all participants. Winners will be notified by email. Winners who do not respond to a price notification within 2 weeks will forfeit their claim to the price. Furthermore, participants are responsible for the accuracy and completeness of the provided contact details. If the contact details are incorrect and/or incomplete, DRY AGER USA LP is not obligated to locate the correct data. Disadvantages due to incorrect information are the responsibility of the participant.

3.3 Shipping of the price is only possible to the US mainland.