Vacuum Bag

Super strong DRYAGER™ vacuum bag in black with logo, in approx. 160 µ film thickness, ideal for sharp-edged products or with a particularly long storage time of the vacuumed goods. About 70 % stronger than the Lava R-Vac vacuum bags. Size 9.8 in x 11.8 in (50 pieces).

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Super strong vacuum bags in Top-Quality

- Available as 50 pieces
- Film thickness of the vacuum bag: approx. 160 µ
- Ideal for your Dry-Aged-Beef from the DRYAGER MATURING CABINET
- Sharp-edged foodstuffs or commercial products
- Airtight, super strong & tearproof, up to 4-layer special film
- Only the best for your foodstuffs – Quality Made in Switzerland
- Particularly long shelf life guaranteed, see shelf life table
- Suitable for storage in refrigeration and deep-freezing for several years
- Food-safe, tasteless and odourless
- Suitable for microwave and boiling bag use up to 203 °F
- 100 % free of plasticizers (e. g. Bisphenol A) according to data sheet
- Dishwasher safe and thus reusable

When using a Lava vacuum device, Lava always recommends using original Lava foils, these are optimally designed for your vacuum device and guarantee a long shelf life of your products.