The best Meat

Dry Aging is the present and future trend for meat. It is celebrated by contemporary restaurants and food providers that have their finger on the pulse of trends in the food scene and on the needs of a consumer that is more educated and discerning than ever before.
As with many current trends, Dry Aging is about going back to roots cooking and craftsmanship in food. Restaurants, food retailers and at-home foodies are passionate about quality and eager to invest their time, energy and resources in crafting that quality in-house. With that eagerness for better quality comes exploration and innovation and thus, the desire to learn which meats dry age successfully and how it alters or enhances their quality.  

Beef: The Classic

Beef is the classic standard for dry-aging because well.. it's fantastic! Through Dry Aging, beef becomes incomparably tender, flavorful, aromatic and juicy. While each craftsman has their own approach and method to Dry Aging beef, the gold standard is 28 days of maturation. 28 days represents the perfect balance of flavor, aroma and water evaporation while maintaining the integrity of the product and balancing cost by not losing excessive weight. Thanks to the innovative technology of the DRYAGER™ cabinet, a 28 day Dry Aging period constitutes just a 10% weight loss vs. the standard 30%, and a superb finished product.  

The Classic standard

Pork: Rising the Ranks

Dry Aging pork is a new concept that is taking hold among true meat aficionados and discerning chefs and butchers. While it is not yet a pervasive trend, it is steadily on the rise and the future for pork. There are high quality breeds of pigs whose meat is particularly well-suited for Dry Aging. Pork that comes from breeds that have an abundance of fat and which are raised in clean, free-range environments and fed on a varied diet rich in quality foods, is delicious and far superior in flavor and texture. Enter DRYAGER™ cabinet and breeds like Mangalista, Berkshire (Kurobuta) and Duroc, are elevated even more, rendering the finished product a true delicacy worthy of the highest esteem and value. The gold standard here is 22 days for porky perfection.

Poultry: You Bet

Dry aged poultry, when sourced from care-oriented farms breeding the best birds, is intense in flavor, tender beyond belief and juicy beyond compare. The Dry Aging process produces poultry with a unique, darkened color and significantly dryer raw meat which produces a finished product with a buttery mouthfeel and a complex and wonderful aroma and flavor. 

And best of all... the DRYAGER™ cabinets can be used for much more. Fish, cheese, wine, ham, sausage, etc. are no problem.