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In the past few years, gourmet burgers have become a pervasive and enduring trend. Foodies, meat lovers and chefs have eagerly adopted the humble burger as a blank canvas for a great meal. Burgers are an industry in and of themselves, with restaurant concepts, cookbooks and accessories championing around this American classic. This growing industry and trend seeks to build the best possible burger and upscale and upsell this familiar favorite.

Burgers are In
Burgers have finally been elevated from ho-hum, to the extraordinary. With a vast range of chefs developing unique burger recipes and entire concepts dedicated to crafting a better burger, it’s official: burgers are in and they aren’t going anywhere soon. In an era of foodies, gourmants and social media, the burger has ascended to its rightful place as a medium for creativity and refinement. The best burger requires the best meat and without question, the best is dry aged.

So Simple, Yet So delicious
While dry aged ground meat and burger patties are available on the market, they are often cost prohibitive or difficult to source. Without a doubt, the best product, at the best price, is crafted in-house. The process is simple and yields fantastic results.

First, allow high-quality ribeye to dry age for 28 days in the DRYAGER™ unit and then grind the meat to your desired coarseness. Our in-house test at DRYAGER™ was done with American Black Angus with a meat to fat ratio of 80/20. It yielded amazing results and burgers that were incredibly juicy and flavorful. We highly recommend using grass-fed beef in order to produce the most flavorful burger possible.

If you have the tenacity and dedication to dry age your burger, ensure that the accurtrement is equally elevated. Use only the best condiments, the freshest toppings and homemade buns to guarantee a superb dining experience and highlight the beauty of the beef.