Perfectly dry-aged pork

It is no secret that dry-aging is becoming increasingly popular among meat aficionados worldwide. The advantages are clear: sensational taste, remarkable tenderness, and superior cooking. That is the beauty and transcendence of properly dry-aged meat. However, for many, dry-aged beef is still the epitome of a perfect cut of meat.

But what about dry-aged pork? It is beginning to slowly dawn on the gourmet horizon that dry-aging and all of its advantages can also be achieved with other meats. In direct comparison to an untouched version, dry-aged pork has a surprisingly intense and delicious flavor. Properly dry-aging pork ensures no rancid or musty flavors, but deliciously inviting nutty aromas and flavors. Aging pork also increases its tenderness, both on the palate and under the knife. This process represents deliciously distinct culinary possibilities and dining experiences.

As with beef, the key factor with dry-aging pork is the quality of the meat itself. Opt for pork loins that have a firm, white layer of fat and beautifully marbled flesh. Using the right product, nothing stands in the way of perfectly ripened meat.

Hygiene is a crucial factor when working with pork. Pork is naturally more laden with bacteria, so using a dry-aging cabinet equipped with active sterilization systems is critical to the safety and success of the ripening process. DRYAGER™ models have a sterilization system, combining a UVC sterilization box and an antibacterial inner container coating making the original DRYAGER™ cabinet one of the safest dry-aging cabinets on the market.

Dry Aging Parameters

Dry-age pork loin in a DRYAGER refrigerator for 4 weeks. Settings for the DRYAGER™ cabinet
Temperature: 34.7° F
Air humidity: 82%