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DRYAGER™ maturing cabinets provide an unmatched taste experience under the best possible conditions. Before the perfect dry-aged beef finds its way to the table, it needs the best possible preparation. Dry-aged beef is particularly well suited to grilling, as it intensifies and highlights the flavor profiles that have been so carefully and thoughtfully developed in the aging process.

The Best Method
Of course, questions of taste are subjective, but at DRYAGER™ we believe that grilling is king and high quality dry-aged beef is the foundation of a superb dining experience.

1. The Right Cut

First and foremost, the cut is key. So, which cut best complements the smoky flavor and aromas imparted by the grill? The classics for steak recipes come from the sirloin, bone steaks such as porterhouse and tomahawks and the delicious ribeye. Dry-aged burgers or ribs are also excellent for preparing over the open fire.

2. The Preparation

Those who have found their perfect piece of dry-aged beef should get it out of the fridge at least 30 to 60 minutes before grilling. At room temperature, the meat is allowed to warm, which yields a significantly more tender and juicy steak. Approximately 40 minutes before the grand appearance on the grill, a pinch of coarse salt (for example, Crystal salt or Fleur de Sel) provides best seasoning. A great dry-aged steak doesn’t need much and should really be allowed to be experienced in its full, unadulterated glory. A quick brush of oil, and the steak is ready for the grill.

Meat preparation for Dry Aging

3. On the Grill

● Position the coals in two zones. One with the bulk of the coals and the other without, in order to have both direct and indirect heat sources.
● When the coals are ready, the meat should be seared on both sides, over direct heat. Depending on the meat size and the desired doneness, about 1-4 minutes per side.
● Once the desired caramelization has been achieved, move the meat to indirect heat to finish cooking to the desired doneness.

4. The Perfect Temperature

When it comes to perfect doneness, a few degrees make a big difference.

● Blue Rare/ Bleu (inner core raw): 100.5°F
● Rare (“bloody”): 118°F
● Medium Rare: 126°F
● Medium: 133°F
● Medium Well: 135-140°F
● Well Done: 147°F+

5. The Rest

As in maturation, patience is key. When the meat reaches the desired core temperature, it should be allowed to rest for at least 5 minutes. Before serving, season with some salt and depending on preference, a few herbs or spices such as chili flakes, rosemary, thyme, paprika, fennel or coriander.